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 February 2008

Editors' Choice Health

Human Touch HT-1470 back massage pad

Reviewed by Terry Kibiloski


The Human Touch HT-1470 back massage pad, with Robotic Massage technology (Retail $249), provides a no-nonsense back massage that will stimulate the major muscle groups in your back to help them release their tension. This is not some feel good back vibrator. As a massage therapist, I can attest to the fact that the Human Touch HT-1470 is a well-designed back massager that provides a full-back kneading and rolling massage to all of the major muscles in your back, including the lower trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids major and minor, erector spinae group, infraspinatus, thoracolumbar aponerosis, spinalis, longissimus, illiocostalis, and lower regions of the multifidi, rotatores, and semispinalis capitis. If you choose to only massage certain muscle group areas, you can quickly customized the massage experience, using the ultra-slim controller, by choosing either a low-back, mid-back, or full-back massage, with or without heat.

As a serious back massage pad, it uses a lot of pressure in its application to increase blood flow to your tensed muscles and would not be recommended for anyone with very thin muscle mass in the back region, including children and extremely thin people. Its extended-reach quad-point massage system delivers a rolling and kneading massage from the lower back all the way to the shoulders, covering much more back area than any back massage pad that we have tested. You will feel this massage pad dig into your muscles, providing a deep tissue massage, which is ideal for knotted or hard corded muscle tension that is causing your soreness, pain, and aches. When the heat option is turned on, you truly experience what Human Touch calls the science of ahhh.

In addition to the deep-tissue massage that this unit provides, we especially like the ultra-slim, ergonomic design, its memory foam seat pad, and the well-designed controller that tucks out of the way in its own pocket attached to the side of the seat cushion. With its two-year warranty, this back massage pad is built to last. When you sit in it, you feel like you are sitting in the seat of a luxury sports car. The memory foam hugs your buttocks and provides a very comfortable sitting experience. The quality look and feel of this unit will fit into any décor, which I am certain is one of the reasons it was a finalist in the 2008 Housewares Design Awards. You can position the HT-1470 on any chair or couch in your home or office. We especially like the experience it provided when position in our cushioned recliner.

This is the first back massage pad we have found deserving of our coveted Computer Times Editors’ Choice award. Hats off to all of the folks at Human Touch who were instrumental in its design. For more information about this product and how to purchase, please visit www.humantouch.com.


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