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Advertising Information

Effective Ads at Competitive Rates!

We can deliver your message in a variety of ways.

1. Banner ads linked to full page ad on our site or directly to your Web site.

2. Text ads linked to your Web site.

3. Editorís Choice award link to your Web site to direct readers at the peak of their interest.

These exciting advertising opportunities provide:

1. Greater exposure for your advertising message

2. Optimum delivery time when customers are on their computer thinking about computer products and services

3. Immediate response to your advertising message with a simple click of the mouse

Minimum Contract: All advertising must be contracted for a minimum of three months.

Ad Creation: If you do not have the capability of providing a banner ad in a Web compatible format, Computer Times can provide this service for you. There is no charge for this service for 12-month contracts. For 3- and 6-month contracts this service is provided at $50 per hour.

** Ads will be posted immediately upon payment.

Computer Times Monthly Ad Rates - 2015
Minimum contract 3 months - discounts available on longer term contracts

Size of ad

Home page Repeated on each main level Web page Direct link from Editor's Choice review Full package (includes all three placements)

Full banner ad

$ 500

$ 2,000

$ 500


(468 x 60 pixels)

Half banner ad

$ 250

$ 1,000

$ 250


(234 x 60 pixels)

Short button

$ 100

$ 500

$ 100


(120 x 60)

Text ad

$ 50

$ 250

$ 50


(Maximum 25 words)

Computer Times accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for payment.

PayPal link for payment

For current further information, e-mail







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