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CES logoCES 2017: show Floor Wrap Up This year marked the 50th anniversary of CES, which is obviously a huge milestone.   This year’s show also broke records, once again, in attendance and exhibitor numbers, further attesting to the wide success of the world’s largest technology trade show.


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CES 2017: ShowStoppers The final awesome Press party of CES is ShowStoppers, held at The Wynn, which always showcase a great selection of quality products. In this article, I’ll be sharing a little about 4 of these cool new products with you.


CES logo CES 2017: Digital Experience is another Press party thrown during CES, where we get to peruse new products from a couple hundred companies, hand picked by the event organizers.  Here are 6 products I want to highlight from the evening.


Bluetooth logoCES 2017: Discover Blue is a party held by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) on the eve of CES. The event showcased a selection of new and upcoming Bluetooth products, covering several areas of the industry. Here is a brief look at a few of my favorites.

Luxury Technology Show product imageLuxury Technology Show was held at the Peterson Automotive Museum, and showcased 20 companies, all with high end products ranging across many aspects of life and leisure. This event was a place for these companies to not only impress the Press, but to meet other industry VIPs as well.


Canary Connect, Inc.
NXpower (UK) Ltd t/a Cybe