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WIN some nice hardware or software products previously reviewed at Computer Times.

A few of our more recent winners are shown below.

M. Berman, Connecticut J. Carpenter, MichiganI M. Redman, Tennessee K. Anyan, Kentucky
C. Doolittle, Massachusetts C. Mandy, Kentucky R. Byrd, Ohio T. Edwards, California
B. Crist, Utah A. Williams, New Jersey C. Weizel, Canada G. Mitchell, Georgia

Welcome to the Brand New Computer Times Contest!

No more forms to fill out.

Just simply 'Like' us on Facebook to get started.

When our Facebook page reaches certain milestones, for instance when we hit our first 100 'Likes', then we'll give away a prize from among the products we've reviewed.  We'll let you know we're giving something away by posting it on our Timeline.

When you see this post, telling you what prize you could win, simply 'Like' that post and you're entered!  It's that easy!


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