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Editorial Calendar for 2017

Jan. - What's New In Virtual Education/Training
Feb. - How To Use Computers To Make Money
Mar. - Profiting From The Internet & E-Commerce
Apr. - Keeping You and Your Computer Healthy
May - Traveling With Your Computer
Jun. - Having Fun With Your Computer
Jul. -  Finding & Fixing Computer Problems
Aug. - Digital Video, Sound, MIDI and Photography
Sep. - Going To School With Your Computer
Oct. - Making Money With SOHO Computing
Nov. - Guide To Selecting The Best Software
Dec. - Guide To Selecting The Best Hardware


Product Review Information and Guideline

** To request a review in the month corresponding to your product or service, we must receive full information and the product/subscription to the service 6 weeks prior.

The Computer Times Editor's Choice award is not for sale. This coveted award is earned by select products that perform as advertised and are selected by our editors as a product that provides good value for the end consumer. Before submitting your product for an Editor's Choice review, it is important to understand our policy for product reviews.

1. Computer Times does not charge a fee for product reviews.

2. Computer Times does not return review products.

3. Computer Times requires the full commercial product that would be purchased by the end consumer to give our reviewing editors the same experience of an end user. All review products are eventually passed on to end consumers via promotions and contests and may be registered by an end consumer.

4. Computer Times will not review time-limited versions, beta versions, or restricted versions of any product.

If you are interested in a product review at Computer Times, please send your product with all supporting press materials to:

PO Box 91830
Louisville, KY 40291

Phone: 502-807-9339

Special note to companies who require their product be returned.

With the high cost of doing a product review we are unable to justify returning review products. This has been our policy at Computer Times since October, 1990 and it has served us and the product manufacturers very well. It never fails to amaze us how companies expect the press to spend thousands of dollars to review their product and then expect them to take on the added expense of tracking, repackaging and returning each review product. At Computer Times we hold on to all review products to have the products available for compatibility testing with other products, to answer reader questions about products after the review, for "show and tell" presentations to educational and business groups, and to eventually pass the products on to end consumers who will hopefully recommend the product to their family and friends. To us, this is the only logical course of action to take to benefit the product manufacturer and the end consumer.

If you need to communicate via e-mail, please send any messages or press material to with the subject line: EDITORS CHOICE REVIEW.

Terrance Kibiloski
Editor, Computer Times





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