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Rocketbook is a line of connected notebooks, the Wave, Everlast, Color, and One, that allow you to quickly, and easily scan and archive your notes and drawings, just by using the convenient Rocketbook app.  Never fiddle with a flatbed scanner again, or spend ages sharing individual photos from you phone camera to your email, Dropbox, or other apps.  Rocketbook does it all for you.

Jolt, from Tough Tested, is an all-in-one flashlight, jump starter, and mobile power bank.  You’ll never be stranded with a drained car battery again, because you’ll carry up to 10 jumps worth of power right in your car.  The flashlight body can be used as a glass breaker in emergencies, and you can charge your cell phone and tablet too.


Conarium is an eerie, engrossing, psychological thriller, from Iceberg Interactive and Zoetrope Interactive.  It’s set in an abandoned Antarctic research base, which hides some dark and dangerous secrets beneath its facade of science.  This reality-bending game pays tribute to the much-loved works of H.P. Lovecraft, and is the perfect game to download just in time for Halloween.

Shadow of War App IconMiddle-earth: Shadow of War is a free-to-play mobile variant of the PC/console game of the same name, by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.  The mobile title is your standard hero collection, team building, arena battle game, with some light RPG elements.  If follows the same basic story concept as the console version, so it could be either a companion app to the console game, or a stand alone experience.

Angry Birds Evolution, and Angry Birds Match, are both super adorable and incredibly addictive new apps in the Angry Birds franchise, created this year by Rovio Entertainment. Angry Birds Evolution combines the classic Angry Birds physics mechanics along with turn based, arena style combat. Angry Birds Match is, as the title implies, a match-3 style puzzle game, with a tie in to the recent movie with the very cute Hatchlings.

Cherry MX Board Silent is a durable mechanical keyboard, from Cherry, a German company that makes the best mechanical keyboard switches on the market.  The Cherry MX Board Silent uses a brand-new type of Cherry mechanical switch that reduces the sound of the audible clicks while at the same time retaining the mechanical keyboard’s precision responsiveness.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, from Jam City’s TinyCo and FoxNext Games, is a fun game app that brings together several game genres, all wrapped in the cool, quirkiness of the Futurama cartoon world.  This game is equal parts city building, choose-your-own-adventure story, arcade style combat, and space exploration.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is a fun new city building style mobile game, from Joycity and Disney, available for free for both iOS and Android.   I’m not typically a huge fan of the city building genre, but for some reason, adding in the Pirates element makes this game so much more enjoyable than the usual farmers, medieval knights, or cavemen clans do in other titles.


Endless Mission One

Endless Mission One is the “people’s computer,” designed for the masses around the world, in a small package at a small price ($249).  This powerful little computer provides everything you need. It will connect you to the Internet, provide word proceesing, spreadsheet, and other basic office functionality, connect to streaming media, view and organize your digital photos, play your favorite music, provide excellent educational applications, and surprise you with games and puzzles to occupy you for hours on end.


The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is the newest addition to Wacom’s line of professional grade pen display devices, geared towards graphic artists. It’s a full Windows 10 tablet PC, with pen and touch screen capability, high quality display and internal components, and compatibility with all the top artistic software.


IQ+ Move from TimexThe IQ+ Move is a gorgeous new line of men’s and women’s watches, from Timex, a trusted name in quality timepieces for 160 years. These new models are not only stylish analog watches, like the world has come to expect from Timex, they also seamlessly house fitness tracking technology discretely inside.


Image of MOCACuff blood pressure monitorMOCACare February is Heart Health Month, a time for us all to take stock of our cardiovascular systems, and make sure they’re in tip-top shape, and MOCACare has a very user-friendly device to do just that, the MOCACuff blood pressure monitor, which fits comfortably around your wrist and gives you accurate results in moments.


Image of Speck Phone Cases

Speck Phone Cases  You may have noticed that I’ve written about Speck products several times in the past.   This is because all their products are consistently high quality, stylish, and all around pretty cool.

Image of Barrow Hill: The Dark Path logoBarrow Hill: The Dark Path 10 years ago, the point-and-click adventure thriller, Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle, gave us a chilling story of missing locals, pagan rituals, and a mysterious force living inside an ancient stone circle in Cornwall.

Image of Chipolo Bluetooth TrackerChipolo Bluetooth Tracker Are you always losing things, maybe mislaying your keys at home, or leaving your phone in the restroom at work?  Wouldn’t you love to have a device that could easily help you find your things again?



Image of iRig Acoustic Mic and AmpliTube Acoustic App

iRig Acoustic Mic and AmpliTube Acoustic App I love listening to music.  Who doesn’t?  Whether it’s rock, folk, or jazz, on the radio, a CD, or at a live venue, music is one of the great pleasures of life.


Image of Pendulumic Tach T1 Wireless Headphones

Pendulumic Tach T1 Wireless Headphones A couple months ago, I reported on some great high-end technology that I discovered at the Luxury Technology Show in Los Angeles.  Pendulumic, the maker of some beautiful, high-fidelity, wireless headphones was one the companies present.



Image of Pop! Slots logo

Pop! Slots PlayStudios, the makers of myVegas, a slot machine game for Facebook and mobile, has added another great mobile game app to their lineup. POP! Slots, a free to download app, continues the virtual slot machine fun of the myVegas games, while adding new and exciting community elements and slot titles.


Image of 3 Speck Laptop Backpacks

Speck Laptop Backpacks Speck has been one of my favorite case companies for several years, with stunning cases for a variety of phone and tablet models, as well as larger bags for other devices.  Their designs are always both durable and aesthetically interesting.


Image of 3 Doctor Who Bluetooth Speakers

Doctor Who Bluetooth Speakers Massive Audio has come out with an exciting series of Bluetooth speakers that are absolute must haves for any Doctor Who fans worthy of calling themselves Whovians.  Get ready to exterminate boredom and materialize some out of this world sound!

Image of Minions Paradise logo

Minions Paradise I love Minions!!!  My newest way of enjoying these adorable little yellow creatures is with the mobile game, Minions Paradise, from Illumination Entertainment and EA Games.

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