We Salute ALL Veterans

While Memorial Day is to honor those who lost their lives in service to our country, as a veteran with 22 years of service I fully recognize that veterans lose their lives in many different ways. Many “living” veterans lost their former lives through life-changing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual injuries. Many “living” veterans struggle with that loss in ongoing private daily battles. Many “living” veterans lost their life opportunities for personal relationships, career advancement, and a life free of their current injuries. To all veterans suffering every type of loss of life, I proudly salute you for your personal oath to defend our country and the price it has cost you to do so. I am honored to be counted among you. ~ Captain Terry Kibiloski, USAF, Retired

If you are a veteran who needs counseling, or any other type of assistance, click here https://nvf.org/veteran-resources/

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