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Effective Computer Times  ads at Competitive Rates!

We can deliver your message in a variety of ways.

1. Banner ads linked to full page ad on our site or directly to your preferred website URL.  Note: 300 x 250 ads work best for readers with mobile devices.

2. Text ads linked to your preferred website URL.  Text ads can be linked in our Monthly Feature articles, or in other educational articles written by you or members of our staff.  All articles written by an advertiser, must provide unbiased educational content for our readers, with the last paragraph allowed for a photo and bio of the writer.  One link to the writer’s URL is provided at no charge.  Text ad links within the article are charged at our current rate.  If the article is written by a member of your staff, banner ads at the end of the article are provided at a one-time special rate.

3. Editor’s Choice award ad (special one-time rate) linked to your preferred website URL to direct readers to buy your product/services at the peak of their interest.  NOTE: This is only available to companies whose products have earned our Editors’ Choice award and is placed at the bottom of the Editors’ Choice review.  Click here if you are interested in an Editors’ Choice product review.

These exciting advertising opportunities provide:

1. Greater exposure for your advertising message.

2. Optimum delivery time when customers are on their computer thinking about computer products and services, and after they have read your Editors’ Choice review.

3. Immediate response to your advertising message with a simple click of the mouse.

Minimum Contract: All advertising must be prepaid and contracted for a minimum of three months.

Ad Creation: If you do not have the capability of providing a banner ad in a Web compatible format, Computer Times can provide this service to you for a small fee. There is no charge for this service for 12-month contracts.
** Ads will be posted immediately upon payment.

If you are interested in advertising in Computer Times, please e-mail your ad copy, with any supporting materials to with the subject line: COMPUTER TIMES ADVERTISING.

Dr. Terry Kibiloski
Editor, Computer Times
Phone: 502-807-9339