Product Review Info

To request a product review for a Computer Times Editors’ Choice award, it is important to understand the following:

The Computer Times Editor’s Choice award is not for sale. This coveted award is earned by select products that perform as advertised and are selected by our editors as a product that provides good value for the end consumer. Before submitting your product for an Editor’s Choice review, it is important to understand our policy for product reviews.

  1. Computer Times does not charge a fee for product reviews.
  2. Computer Times does not return review products.
  3. Computer Times requires the full commercial product that would be purchased by the end consumer to give our reviewing editors the same experience of an end user.  Review products may be passed on to end consumers via promotions, and presentations to educational and professional groups, and may be registered by an end consumer.
  4. Computer Times will not review time-limited versions, beta versions, or restricted versions of any product, and requires a minimum 6-months subscription for reviewed services.

If you are interested in a product review at Computer Times, please send your product with all supporting press materials to:

Dr. Terry Kibiloski
Editor, Computer Times
6916 Woodrow Way
Louisville, KY 40228

If you need to communicate via e-mail, please send any messages or press material to with the subject line: EDITORS CHOICE REVIEW.

Dr. Terry Kibiloski
Editor, Computer Times