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Image of Computer Times logo "Finding the best buys on the planet since 1990"A bit of history…

Image of Dr. Terry Kibiloski, Editor, Computer TimesComputer Times was started by Dr. Terry Kibiloski, Chairman of the Computer Science Department at Sullivan University, Kentucky’s largest private university, and the first Microsoft IT Academy.  Computer Times was first published in 1990, as a print publication for the first 9 years with over 100,000 readers throughout the U.S., and then Internet only from 1999 to the present, with readers worldwide.

Our readers consider us their friends and they trust us to help them find good value for money and to learn how to use their computers more productively. We only promote products and services that offer good value.

From the first day of publication, we pledged to only publish positive information, which means that we only promote products and services that pass our editorial review.  If we review products/services that do not meet our standards, we simply notify the companies with the needed improvements that need to be made before we would consider a follow on review.

We print informational articles that will help our readers with technology, business, personal success, and health.  Our motivation column Get The MOST From Yourself has helped many of our readers make positive personal changes in their lives.  We offer special articles and videos for beginners.

The trust we have earned over the years with our readers is taken very seriously, to the point where we prescreen advertisers for high business principles and values. The advertisers in our Safe Shopping area, are instantly removed if they do not adhere to these same principle and values.  Values and principles are much more important to us than profits.

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