Get the Most from Yourself – Chapter 1

In previous issues of Computer Times, we printed a 26-month series from the book titled Get The MOST from Yourself, by Dr. Terry Kibiloski.  This is the second article of that series.

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Personal Assessment

1. What about you?

If you were to describe yourself – from a distance – what would you say? We’re not talking about physical appearance, but who you are on the inside – the real you! Are you filled with love, kindness, compassion, and other positive traits, or do you find yourself filled with negative traits like anxiety, anger, and despair? Do you like what you see? If not, who would you like to be?

** Write down a description of who you are inside – the real you! It may help you to view yourself from a distance. Ask yourself how your family, friends, and coworkers would describe you. Make a list of both your positive and negative traits. When you are finished, read over your description and ask yourself if someone could easily identify you at a party if they had this description. Label these thoughts “The Real Me!”

Throughout this book, you will find many suggestions like this to record your thoughts on paper. It works best if you use note cards (3 x 5 cards), or a notebook, and write down your thoughts immediately. If this is not practical, we suggest you write them down as soon as soon as possible since it is important to record your thoughts on paper as you progress through this book. This will help you in your current life journey, and will give you an indication of how far you’ve progressed when you look back from time to time at your earlier thoughts. Remember, this is more than a book of casual reading. This is a guide to help YOU get the MOST from yourself.

1a. Where are you today in your life journey?

Before you can say where you are in your life journey, you need to have an idea of where you are going. If you were to write your finished biography, what would the last chapter say?

** Take a few minutes and write the last chapter of your biography now. This should include a summary of your life and your accomplishments. Label these thoughts “My Biography – The Final Chapter!”

Read over the “final chapter” of your biography which you have just finished writing. Does it contain all of your hopes and dreams? Make corrections as needed. Once you are finished with it, and you feel it reflects where you want to be as you draw your last breath of air on this earth, ask yourself the question, “Where am I today on my life journey?”

Do you see why it is important to determine where you are going before you can say where you are today on your journey? Like any journey, it is important to know your desired destination before you can determine your current progress. Also, like any journey, don’t be surprised if you change your destination from time to time. As you go around a bend in your life journey, you may discover a new challenge, or an interesting side trip that you never considered at an earlier time.

1b. Where do you want to be?

The question “Where do you want to be?” is not something you ask once and then forget. Rather it is a question that needs to be ongoing. Do not think of your life journey as a point-to-point trip that has to be completed in a specific period of time, with no variations in the originally planned route. Rather, think of your life journey as an adventure filled with interesting side trips that prepare you for your final destination. Learn to enjoy the journey by asking the question at the end of each day, “Where do I want to be?” This will help you plan interesting side trips for personal growth along the way.

As you think about where you want to be each day, it is important to consider each of these three areas.

* Is your body in optimum shape, or could you benefit from a better diet and exercise program?

* Is your mind free of negative programming, or do you have a few areas that could use some reprogramming?

* Is your spirit filled with forgiveness and unconditional love, or do you need to work on a deeper spiritual relationship with your Creator, and learn more about how love is the key to every success in life?

** Write down your thoughts for each of the questions above. Be as specific as possible as you describe the changes you would like to make in each area. Label the three areas of thoughts:

“Where I Want to Be – Body”

“Where I Want to Be – Mind”

“Where I Want to Be – Spirit.”

Imagine that you have a magic wand and anything you wish for instantly becomes reality.

* What would your body and physical health be like?

* How old would you be if you could be any age?

* What type of knowledge and personality traits would you have?

* What would you be doing for a living?

* How would you spend your free time?

* Where would you live?

* What type of people would you surround yourself with?

* What type of successes would you have in your life?

* What do you feel would make you happy?

** Write down the answers to the above questions before you continue. Label these thoughts “My Desired Reality!”

Life is not a rehearsal! So, begin to get the MOST from yourself TODAY! Norman Vincent Peale taught us “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” Begin now to focus your thoughts on the answers you gave to the questions above, then together we will make these thoughts become your reality.

1c. Is the student ready? (The teacher is ready to appear.)

To be ready as the student, you must have the desire to learn (which you demonstrated by beginning to read this book), plus you must have the desire to change (the real key to getting the MOST from yourself). Without the desire to change, all the knowledge in the world will do little to change your life. You can know everything there is to know about flying like an eagle through life. You can attend every self-improvement seminar in your area, watch every video, listen to every audio, and read every book available. But, if you are not willing to change your thinking from bitterness and blame to love and forgiveness, you will never get the MOST from yourself. You will be like a person who reads every diet book, watches every fitness video, and buys every weight loss plan on the market, but is not willing to change the way they eat and exercise. To get the MOST from yourself, you need to be willing to change the way you think of yourself and other people.

It’s important to realize the information we present in this book is nothing new. It has been around for centuries. Much of it is found in the ancient scriptures of many faiths and in the wisdom of great philosophers and religious leaders throughout the ages. Equally important, is to realize it applies to all ages, in all walks of life, in every life situation. If you are a human being, these human system principles will work for you.

** Write down the following promise to yourself. “I promise to make those changes in my life that are necessary to get the MOST from myself.” Label this statement “My Promise!”

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Much more next month . . .  Get the Most from Yourself – Chapter 2

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