Get the Most from Yourself – Chapter 18

In previous issues of Computer Times, we printed a 26-month series from the book titled Get The MOST from Yourself, by Dr. Terry Kibiloski.  This is the 19th article of that series.

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Personal Harmony is Critical to Success – Part 1

The human system is similar to the personal computer system, with three major parts – the body (hardware), the mind (software), and the spirit, or soul, (user).

We are spirits having a human experience!

Image of Body, Mind, Spirit chart (copyright Dr. Terry Kibiloski, 1986)

To maintain the human system it’s important to understand:

  • Body specialists (doctors) help maintain our human body.
  • Mind specialists (psychologists) help maintain our human mind.
  • Spirit, or soul, specialists (priests, ministers, rabbis, etc.) teach us how to effectively use our body and mind. The ideal teacher is the Creator of our body and mind.

If you can understand the similarity between the computer system and the human system, you are on your way to getting the MOST from yourself. Let’s now look at some important principles.

  • As the computer operator uses the hardware and software to have a computing experience, our spirit uses the body and mind to have a human experience
  • Our overall health depends upon a harmonious relationship between our body, mind and spirit
  • Our human system seeks harmony and ease, not dis-ease
  • We are spirits having a human experience.

Last month, we explained our Body, Mind, Spirit chart and showed how harmony was the key to everything. Closely related to the harmony that must exist between our body, mind and spirit, is the harmony (love) we need to have with other human beings. Just as the success of each cell in our human system depends upon its harmony with other cells, our success in the greater human system depends upon our harmony with other people.

The Bible teaches harmony for our personal human system by telling us “the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work (Ephesians 4:16), and also “a heart at peace gives life to the body (Proverbs 14:30).

Harmony is the glue that holds everything together in our universe, from the harmonious orbits of planets to the important balance of body, mind and spirit in our own human system.

This personal harmony is critical to our success as human beings. To get the most from ourselves, we must maintain a healthy body through proper nutrition and exercise, a healthy mind through positive thoughts, and a healthy spirit through a close relationship with our Creator. Our success in life depends on this harmonious relationship between all three parts of our own human system, and the harmony (love) we share with other human beings.

Most of us have heard the Golden Rule in one way or another, either through scripture or in sayings like “You reap what you sow” or “What goes around comes around.” This is nothing new. What is new, though, is the recent research that is proving there is more to the Golden Rule than philosophy. The harmony created by practicing the Golden Rule has a proven impact on our health, our relationships, our business, our society, and our world.

It is a medical fact that thought triggers biological responses in our body. When we are upset, or have negative thoughts (fear, anger, etc.) our stomach generates acid that can aggravate our digestive system and eventually cause an ulcer. These negative thoughts can also trigger biological reactions that weaken our system and make us more susceptible to diseases like cancer and heart disease. When we live by the Golden Rule and treat others with love and kindness, our positive thoughts trigger biological reactions that strengthen our system and protect us from many diseases. Our body is in a state of ease, not dis-ease.

This powerful effect of thought on our bodies is easily felt when our built-in pharmacy reacts to us being startled. Instantly, our system produces massive amounts of adrenaline to help us react to the danger. In a similar manner, when we smile, and are filled with thoughts of love and kindness, endorphins are produced, creating a euphoric feeling and helping our bodies to stay healthy.

One thing that is important to realize, as you reprogram your mind to get the MOST from yourself, is the dramatic impact our body language has on our mind. “Wait a minute,” you say, “I thought the mind controls the body.” This is true, but the mind will also react to support the body.

For example, when the body is threatened, the mind will instantly place the body in a “fight or flight” condition. This happens instantly. You have experienced this if someone has ever pulled out in front of you in traffic. As you hit the brake, your body tenses up and your heart beats rapidly as adrenaline is pumped into every muscle to strengthen your body for the “fight or flight.” The same holds true for pleasant experiences. When you hug someone, or stroke your pet dog or cat, your mind will instantly place your body in a euphoric state as it pumps endorphins into the system.

In much the same way, the body also responds to changes in your body language. It will create the chemical reactions necessary to support your body’s posture. Just as the mind responds to threats in traffic, hugging, and stroking your pet, it also responds to the body language of happiness and depression.

When you are happy, you walk with a spring in your step, head held high, chest fully expanded, breathing strong, with a smile on your face. When you are depressed, you walk slowly, head down, sunken chest, shallow breathing, with a frown on your face. This is body language.

No matter how you feel, if you get up and walk across the room with a spring in your step, head held high, chest fully expanded, breathing strong, with a smile on your face, your mind will instantly begin to create the chemical reactions necessary to support your new body language. You will have endorphins, and other positive chemicals, pumped into your system to support your new posture of happiness. It is automatic. Beware, though, if you take on the posture of depression, your mind will trigger the chemical reactions necessary to support the body language of depression.

Knowing this, you now have another tool in your bag of knowledge to help you get the MOST from yourself. Are you beginning to get the picture? Now, you may understand why we suggest you SMILE at everyone you meet to start changing your world. It is more than a simple gesture, it is actually triggering chemical reactions in your body that produce a euphoric feeling. These chemical reactions occur because of a built in intelligence within your body.

So, what are you waiting for? Start smiling right now. Smile at everyone you meet today and you will truly begin to get the MOST from yourself.

Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND.

Much more next month . . . Get the Most from Yourself – Chapter 19

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