Get the Most from Yourself – Chapter 22

In previous issues of Computer Times, we printed a 26-month series from the book titled Get The MOST from Yourself, by Dr. Terry Kibiloski.  This is the 23rd article of that series.

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More Key Points – Part 2

The human system is similar to the personal computer system, with three major parts – the body (hardware), the mind (software), and the spirit, or soul, (user).

We are spirits having a human experience!

Image of Body, Mind, Spirit chart (copyright Dr. Terry Kibiloski, 1986)

To maintain the human system it’s important to understand:

  • Body specialists (doctors) help maintain our human body.
  • Mind specialists (psychologists) help maintain our human mind.
  • Spirit, or soul, specialists (priests, ministers, rabbis, etc.) teach us how to effectively use our body and mind. The ideal teacher is the Creator of our body and mind.

If you can understand the similarity between the computer system and the human system, you are on your way to getting the MOST from yourself. Let’s now look at some important principles.


  • As the computer operator uses the hardware and software to have a computing experience, our spirit uses the body and mind to have a human experience
  • Our overall health depends upon a harmonious relationship between our body, mind and spirit
  • Our human system seeks harmony and ease, not dis-ease
  • Harmony is the glue that holds everything together in our universe.
  • Our overall success depends upon the harmony (love) we have with other human beings.

Last month, we gave you a quick review of the key points we looked at earlier in this series, plus a few new ones. This month, we continue that review by looking at the principles we covered in a little more depth.

It is important to realize the principles we use in this book are nothing new. They have been around since man was first created. They come from the Bible and other great books, and from the minds of many great philosophers and religious leaders.

We’ve covered a lot of territory in learning about our human system. The key principle being –

  • We are spirits having a human experience.

We’ve shown how our spirit controls our mind and, in turn, our mind controls our body; and how this interaction requires a healthy body, mind and spirit for us to get the MOST from ourselves. After showing you how to achieve a healthy body and mind, we introduced you to the “real” you, your spirit, the center of your thoughts. We showed you how all actions begin with a thought; how positive thoughts can generate happiness and health; and how negative thoughts can bring stress and disease. Norman Vincent Peale encouraged us to change our thoughts to change our world, and the Bible tells us the mind controlled by the spirit is life and peace (Romans 8:6 NIV). But, you cannot simply think to make it so, you must also “become” what you think about. Webster defines “become” as to undergo change or development.

We used an analogy of squeezing an orange to help you understand your reactions to high pressure situations. Just as an orange under pressure can only produce what it has inside (orange juice), when you are put under pressure the only thing you can produce is what’s inside. If you fill yourself with hate and anger, that’s what will come out. If you fill yourself with love, then you will respond in a loving manner.

Much like a new orange is filled with pure orange juice, when we are first born we are filled with love. We have so much love inside, we don’t even have to be squeezed to have it burst out and affect everyone around us. We see this wonderful effect of love whenever a baby is brought into a room full of strangers, or when a baby is present when strangers meet on the street. Everyone around the baby begins to smile. Barriers of race and status can be broken down in an instant. This is a wonderful example of the power of love.

We also see this happen when any love-filled person enters a room. This was very evident when Mother Teresa visited our country. Her very presence had a positive affect on the people around her. You may know someone in your own circle of family, friends or associates who has this same effect on people.

Why does this happen? Why do we respond so quickly to a child or an adult filled with love? Many religions believe it is because of our intense desire for God, our Creator, who is love. We can see this intense desire for love in the smallest child who wants to hug and kiss everything from a puppy to a stuffed animal. Have you ever watched a young child give a big dog such an excited hug that the dog is nearly choked? The dog will just stand there and let the child hug as tight as possible. Dogs seem to instinctively understand this intense desire for giving and receiving love.

While we tend to suppress our outer expressions of love as we grow older, I believe our desire for love continues to grow stronger with each passing year. Various studies have shown that people value family, friends, good relationships, acceptance, appreciation, and all the other external expressions of love more than they do anything else.

It is so important that we stay in touch with the little girl or little boy who occupies our grownup bodies. Many faiths teach that we must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. I suggest “being like children” means having the unconditional love of a child for everyone around us.

When you give love to everyone you meet (smile, kind word, hug, etc.), you will find your world filled with a joy unlike anything you have ever experienced. You will find the more love you give, the more love you receive in return. Life will quickly become a new adventure.

Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND.

Much more next month . . . Get the Most from Yourself – Chapter 23

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