Get the Most from Yourself – Chapter 24

In previous issues of Computer Times, we printed a 26-month series from the book titled Get The MOST from Yourself, by Dr. Terry Kibiloski.  This is the 25th article of that series.

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Achieving Complete Harmony

The human system is similar to the personal computer system, with three major parts – the body (hardware), the mind (software), and the spirit, or soul, (user).

We are spirits having a human experience!

Image of Body, Mind, Spirit chart (copyright Dr. Terry Kibiloski, 1986)

To maintain the human system it’s important to understand:

  • Body specialists (doctors) help maintain our human body.
  • Mind specialists (psychologists) help maintain our human mind.
  • Spirit, or soul, specialists (priests, ministers, rabbis, etc.) teach us how to effectively use our body and mind. The ideal teacher is the Creator of our body and mind.

If you can understand the similarity between the computer system and the human system, you are on your way to getting the MOST from yourself. Let’s now look at some important principles.

  • As the computer operator uses the hardware and software to have a computing experience, our spirit uses the body and mind to have a human experience
  • Our overall health depends upon a harmonious relationship between our body, mind and spirit
  • Our human system seeks harmony and ease, not dis-ease
  • Harmony is the glue that holds everything together in our universe.
  • Our overall success depends upon the harmony (love) we have with other human beings.

For the past few months, we reviewed the key points we looked at earlier in this series, plus gave you a few new ones. We ended up showing how the “Golden Rule” is taught by all major religions and is essential to our well being. It is so important to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This will help you achieve harmony in your life.

To achieve complete harmony, you need to be involved in HELPING PEOPLE and your motive must be LOVE and KINDNESS. When your motive is love and kindness, you work harder, happier, healthier, and have a pleasing effect on everyone around you. You bring success to everything you do. Your coworkers and customers truly enjoy your company and love doing business with you.

It is a medical fact that thought triggers biological responses in our body. When we are upset, or have negative thoughts (fear, anger, etc.) our stomach generates acid that can aggravate our digestive system and eventually cause an ulcer. These negative thoughts can also trigger biological reactions that weaken our system and make us more susceptible to diseases like cancer and heart disease. When we live by the Golden Rule and treat others with love and kindness, our positive thoughts trigger biological reactions that strengthen our system and protect us from many diseases. Our body is in a state of ease, not dis-ease.

So, smile and fill your life with love and kindness. Your overall success and physical health depend on it.

Recent research in universal energy is proving the Golden Rule affects everything around us. The harmony created by practicing the Golden Rule has a positive impact on our relationships, our business, our society, our world, and our health.

Now that you have completed this set of instruction, it is time for you to become the teacher. The best teacher is one who leads by example. Think back to the most influential people in your life and you will find they influenced you more by example than by words.

So, smile and fill your life with love and kindness. The impact you have on yourself and those around you will be truly rewarding. It is now time to go forth and get the MOST from yourself.

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Much more next month . . . Get the Most from Yourself – Chapter 25

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