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PlayStudios, the makers of myVegas, a slot machine game for Facebook and mobile, has added another great mobile game app to their lineup. POP! Slots, a free to download app, continues the virtual slot machine fun of the myVegas games, while adding new and exciting community elements and slot titles.  For those players familiar with these games, this app will give you a “same-but-different” sort of experience, playing with a familiar franchise in a cool new way.  For newcomers, this app is a great way to discover a fabulous world of virtual slots, with the awesome bonus of earning real life rewards while you play.

If you’ve never heard of myVegas, here’s a bit of history. Half a dozen years ago, myVegas launched on Facebook, in affiliation with the MLife resort properties in Las Vegas. By playing the slot games online, you not only earn chips to keep you playing, but also special Loyalty Points. These can be exchanged for real life rewards at the various MLife resorts, like food and beverage credits, free hotel nights, show tickets, and more.  Personally, I’ve enjoyed complimentary tickets to several Cirque du Soleil shows with my points.  The mobile myVegas app, which came out 3 years ago, allowed you to play a selection of the Facebook slot games, and continue to earn Loyalty Points, while on the go.  Both of these previous apps are worth taking a look at, as there are some neat features specific to each, which make them unique and really enjoyable to play.  The Facebook app is also the easiest way to get your myVegas account set up.

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POP! Slots, which released in July, presents players with some of the same slot titles from the Facebook version, but with some new bonus games, added features, and some community game play as well.  Currently, there are 2 casino gaming floors that your avatar, who you choose when you first install the game, can enter and roam around in, with the various slot games scattered around the area.  MGM Grand is available when you first start to play, and has 4 main slots to choose from.  These are Mega Stars, Emerald 7’s, Frontier Fortune, and Around the World in 80 Plays, which you’ll be familiar with from the Facebook game.  As you collect XP and level up, the next casino, The Mirage, will be unlocked, with 4 new slot games to play.  These are Mirage, Forbidden 7’s, Welcome to Fabulous Betrock, and Jack and the Beanstalk.  Each casino also has one extra, super slot game, where all the players are earning progress towards one giant community bonus game.  MGM Grand has Race to Oz, while The Mirage features Wall of Khan.  Neither of these games was in the original myVegas app, or the later mobile app, so these will be cool new games for seasoned players to discover.

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When you enter one of the casino floors, you get to choose which seat at each row of slot machines you think will be your lucky spot, and join the other players seated there.  This is where some of the communal game play takes place.  If one person wins a bonus game of free spins, every player seated in the same row gets to benefit from free spins as well.  Also, randomly during play, each player will share little purple balloons, which will rise from their avatar and float to the top of the screen.  If you tap on the balloons and pop them before they float away, you’ll receive the bonus chips, XP, or Loyalty Points hidden inside.  The last community feature is the ability to chat with the other player in your slot row, via a small selection of positive emojis, with messages like Thanks, Welcome, or Good Job.

Whether you’re a brand new player of myVegas titles, or a seasoned betting veteran, this new app is a great addition to your mobile game library.  Not only is it a ton of fun, but you can earn valuable real life rewards while playing.  Since you earn game chips just by logging into the app each day, and collecting your chip bonus every 2 hours, you never have to spend real money in the game unless you want to, making the real life rewards that much sweeter.  The app syncs automatically to your Facebook based myVegas account, so you never have to worry about transferring your Loyalty Points from one app to another.  For added convenience, you even have the ability to cash in your Loyalty Points for rewards directly from the POP! Slots app.  New casino floors and extra features are being added all the time, so this app will continue to be even more fun in the near future.  Download this awesome app from iTunes or Google Play, and start earning rewards today!

Review date: August 2016

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