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DREO Purifier Tower Fan MC710S

Review by Angie Kibiloski

DREO Purifier Tower Fan graphic with mobile app and remote

More Than a Cool Fan

DREO, a leading home tech company, has just launched a new air purifying tower fan as the first offering in its MultiComfort product line, the Purifier Tower Fan MC710S, debuting at a chill $299.99. This powerful machine has a dual-motor system, allowing you to control the air purifier and fan elements individually, to suit a variety of seasonal and environmental situations. This model is packed full of customizable settings, both on the device itself and within the DREO app, and I was really impressed with the range of adjustments. If the MC710S was a tower fan only, I’d still be recommending it, but with the added air filtration functionality, it gets both thumbs up and a gold star on top. Let’s take a look at all the cool features and settings of the Purifier Tower Fan MC710S and how it stacked up during my review process.

One Powerful Tower

Lifestyle photo of DREO Purifier Tower Fan in living room

The Purifier Tower Fan MC710S easily competes with higher priced competitors by being loaded with significant air speeds, low noise levels, smart air quality detection and subsequent high-grade purification, a minutely adjustable oscillation arc, and an attractive pillar design. At 46″ in height, this slim tower is a bit of a tall boy, but at just 11″ wide, it’ll comfortably fit within limited floor space. It’s light enough to be maneuverable for repositioning around the room, with a convenient handle at the top back of the tower. The fan vent extends vertically along 2/3 of the height, above the motors and air filtration vents in the base. The digital readout faces forward at the top of the pillar, displaying useful information like settings, ambient temp, and air quality, with the touch screen controls conveniently placed on the top surface disc. It’s all covered in an attractive, brushed silver, plastic casing, and can be disassembled for easy cleaning and filter replacement.

Top touch screen and digital display of DREO Purifier Tower Fan

The dual motors provide faster wind speeds than single motor devices, at 27ft/sec, and can send cooled breeze up to 40ft across your space at the highest of 12 wind speed settings. They can also be controlled independently, so you can have both the fan and air purifier running for maximum cooling and filtering effect, or choose to only run the fan when air quality is high, or only run the purifier when you want filtration but no additional cooling. Settings for both motors can be controlled manually, or set to Auto to let the precision sensors detect temps and air quality, and adjust fan and filter control accordingly. When both fan and purifier are running, the noise level tops out at just 38 dB, cut down to 25 dB with the fan only, which makes this tower a quiet and considerate roommate.

Graphic of HEPA filter inside DREO Purifier Tower Fan

The air purifier features a dual filter system for maximum air purification, with 3 adjustable levels of purification power. The main True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 μm in size, like pollen, dust, pet dander, and other allergens. An additional electrostatic pre-filter layer traps larger particles before they even reach the main attraction, promoting efficiency and longer life for the HEPA filter. The purifier vents around the base draw in air from 360° for whole-room filtration, while the fan output sends a cool breeze in an oscillation arc up to 120°. You can turn oscillation off completely for targeted cooling, or set the arc to 30°, 60°, 90°, or 120° right on the device’s touch screen or using the included remote control, and you can customize this even more precisely in the DREO app.

Full In-App Control

4 Screenshots of DREO App with Purifier Tower Fan controls

The DREO app, for Android and iOS, opens up a lot more settings than are available from the device or remote control, starting with naming your fan for easy network location. To begin, you can control all the basic wind speed, oscillation, and purification settings within the app, turning the fan and filter elements on and off, adjusting where the fan is pointing, and the level of filtration and air output. Additionally, you can adjust the oscillation arc by single degrees, reposition the arc to an off-set angle instead of being centered to the front of the device, or set the fixed direction it constantly points. Change the temperature units shown on the display, and choose what information is displayed by default, including ambient temp, fan level, filter life, or PM 2.5 air quality. Use the 24-hour timer to create schedules for fan and filter use, setting it to turn on and off at specific times, on a daily repetition or at different periods on individual days. You can also monitor your temps or air quality over time, with daily or monthly reports.

My New Cool Best Friend

Living in a warm climate within an aging building, it’s always a bit of a struggle to keep my living space comfortable come summer, and being in an urban area as well, air quality is definitely an added trial. The Purifier Tower Fan MC710S has been handling both of those issues effectively for the last couple of weeks, and I’m quite enjoying my new roomie, which I’ve lovingly named Wendell in the app. At 46″ tall, it was a bit larger than I expected, and I’m considering adding googly-eyes to my large friend, but I do appreciate its relatively skinny 11″ footprint for my little apartment. I love how many wind speed levels there are, from the gentle whisper of level 1, to the powerful gale-force breeze of level 12, and the plethora of added in-app settings that give me so much control over customization options. If you’re preparing for the warmer months ahead, I would definitely encourage you to consider DREO‘s Purifier Tower Fan MC710S to keep your indoor space cool and fresh, especially at the affordable price of $299.99.

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