CES 2017-Discover Blue Event

Discover Blue

January 5th, 2017

By Angie Kibiloski

On Wednesday, January 4th, 2017, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) held their annual Discover Blue event on the eve of CES. The event showcased a selection of new and upcoming Bluetooth products, covering several areas of the industry, from home maintenance and décor, to health care, to personal audio. Here is a brief look at a few of my favorite products from the evening, consisting of three health and fitness products, and one cool home maintenance device.

Image of LevlPro Solution, a device that detects trace levels of acetone in a person’s breath to analyze their current state of fat burning

First up in the area of health and fitness, the LevlPro Solution is a device that detects trace levels of acetone in a person’s breath to analyze their current state of fat burning. Currently it’s available to fitness professionals who use it to help guide their clients to a better workout routine and maximize their individual fat burning levels. Soon though, this device will be available to consumers, giving individuals the ability to track their own fat burning levels on a daily basis. Users will also be able to connect with fitness professionals via an app, in case they feel they need some extra guidance. If you’d like to learn more, visit www.levlnow.com.

Image of IQ+ Move watches that seamlessly pair analog mechanics with fitness tracking technologyTimex, the watch company that the world has known and loved for 160 years, has released the IQ+ Move line of stylish watches that seamlessly pair analog mechanics with fitness tracking technology. The line features models for both men and women, with interchangeable leather or silicon bands in a variety of colors, accenting elegant analog watch faces. Beneath the style lies discreet tracking tech and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to keep tabs on all the things a traditional activity tracker measures, like steps, calories burned, and sleep, all monitored through an app. This is a perfect option for the fashionable consumer who wants the function of a fitness tracker, without broadcasting to the world that they’re wearing one. See this product, and more great Timex watches, at www.timex.com.

Image of Omron Healthcare's Project Zero Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Healthcare exhibited their Project Zero Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, a wrist worn device, which looks like a chunky wristwatch and can test your blood pressure at the touch of a button, with clinical accuracy. Paired with their app, you can track your blood pressure and heart rate throughout the day, without dealing with traditional cumbersome upper arm cuffs. They also unveiled the prototype of the next generation, Project Zero 2.0, which will look even more like a regular watch, while retaining the precision and functionality of the original model. With more people suffering heart issues at a younger age, having a device that allows you to monitor yourself, while being comfortable and stylish enough to actually wear out of the house, is a necessary evolution of this type of technology. Pop on over to OmronHealthcare.com for a more in-depth look at all of their monitoring products.

Image of Robomow RX, an automated lawn mowing unitsFinally, Robomow announced their new RX line of automated lawn mowing units, which can free consumers from the tedious chore of constantly mowing their lawns. The little mower robots can be pre-set to leave their docking stations on whatever schedule you like, trim your entire lawn of grass to your preferred height, then take themselves right back to their docks to charge up for the next time.   Leave a Robomow device to keep your property tended while on vacation, or sit back and watch it do all the work while you enjoy some free time. You can also control the device through an app, if you want a slightly more hands up approach. Check them out at www.robomow.com.

This is only a small snapshot of the products on display at Discover Blue 2017, so keep an eye on this site for more Bluetooth device news in the future, along with full reviews of some of these intriguing products.

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