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Review by Angie Kibiloski (January 2011)

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Mobile Edge has always made quality laptop bags, so its no surprise that their new lines for 2011, which offer something for every taste, continue to meet that high standard.  First, and in my opinion most impressive, is the ScanFast 2.0 line (Retail $99.99), a checkpoint friendly and eco-friendly series that is made of a new corn based material called Sonora.  Not only have they created a bag that is comfortable to use, keeps your laptop and accessories well protected, and eases your way through airport security, its also green.  This material contains 37% renewable resources, and requires 30% less energy to produce than other fabrics, resulting in 63% less green house emissions.  Who wouldn’t want to help keep our planet healthy while being stylish at the same time?  The laptop pocket is well padded and folds out completely flat, with a clear pouch to make your laptop visible to airport security.  This eliminates the need to remove your laptop for the scanner.  The other interior compartments have many convenient little pockets for all of your accessories and office materials.  TheScanFast 2.0 line comes in a messenger bag, briefcase, or backpack style.  Another ScanFast series is the Alienware line (Retail $99.99), for all the hardcore gamers to protect their awesome Alienware super gaming laptops.  And, I particularly love the gorgeous ScanFast models designed especially for women.  The ScanFast Onyx briefcase and backpack (Retail $99.99) are black and very chic, and the ScanFast Element (Retail $99.99) is so pretty and feminine, in faux leather and suede.  It comes in brown, green, or pink, with a cool striped interior, perfectly suited for making a girl feel a bit more girly when toting her big ole laptop around.  All of these models have the dedicated laptop compartment as well, which folds out flat for security screening.

  Image of Maddie Powers Mobile Edge Laptop Bag  Image of Maddie Powers Eco-Friendly Totes

Checkpoint friendly bags are not the only great lines from Mobile Edge this year.  There are several lines that really pop with personality and color, and are sure to turn some heads.  The Sumo Sleeves (Retail $19.99), which are designed to fit netbooks, iPads, and Macbooks, are made from water resistant neoprene, to sleekly cushion your device.  They come in multiple colors of a camo or graffiti pattern.  The Maddie Powers limited edition line (Retail $59.99-$99.99) is very unique, featuring bags with pulp magazine images from the 1940’s and 1950’s.  These bags come in various styles, all with excellent protective padding, and some have matching removable neoprene sleeves, for when you only need to carry your laptop.  Most of the Maddie Powers models are for women, but there are a few for men as well.  They also have a very pretty selection of Eco-Friendly Totes (Retail $69.99-$79.99), in interesting colors like polka dots and spring pastels.  This model has a removable laptop section so it can double as a purse, complete with removable cell phone case and hide-away water bottle holder.  They are eco-friendly due to the natural cotton canvas exterior.

Image of ScanFast 2.0 bag  Image of Eco-Friendly Tote

I’m all about keeping our planet healthy, so the ScanFast 2.0 and Eco-Friendly Tote series are top of my list.  But, I also love to stand out from the crowd, so I’m excited about the ScanFast Element and Maddie Powers collections too.  Truly though, you can’t go wrong with any Mobile Edge bag, and the lines I’ve mentioned are only a small selection of the great bags and accessories they have to offer.  Take a look at all of their products at  With so many different lines that are comfortable, convenient, and very stylish, you’re sure to find several items that grab your attention and demand to be part of your life.


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