Keepster Turns Text Messages Into a Book


Keepster Turns Text Messages Into a Book

Keepster Turns Text Messages Into a Book

Article by Dr. Terry Kibiloski

Our friends at Anderson Group PR sent us an interesting story about Keepster, which is the only way to turn your text messages into a beautiful personalized printed book. While not everyone has a series of text messages they wish to turn into a book, many people have an entire romantic journey in their text messages, as did Keepster’s CEO Jennifer Simchowitz who was only trying to find a better way to make a gift for her boyfriend. To hear Jennifer explain more about Keepster, just click on the following link to her news interview KEEPSTER News Interview

Keepster books are the new way to relive the special messages you’ve shared. From heartwarming texts with loved ones to silly jokes with friends in group chats. If you’re looking for a unique & personal gift, Keepster books are for you, and with the holidays coming up fast, we think it is a most thoughtful and new gift idea. The process is simple, starting with a visit to, downloading the desktop app to begin the process, including choosing your book title, cover color, cover picture, and special dedication on the title page.

Founder Jennifer Simchowitz had an idea for a Valentine’s gift for her significant other: a year’s worth of their text messages as they were falling in love turned into a book. That was the idea that ultimately launched Keepster. Though, it was way easier said than done. After Googling around endlessly for easy tools to create the book, Jennifer discovered that they did not exist. The Valentine’s Day present that she had in mind was going to have to be laboriously handmade. She couldn’t believe it – texting had become such a significant form of communication. Wouldn’t everyone at some point want to create something like this?

Back then, the only way Jennifer could make the book was to spend hours (and hours) scrolling through her phone, cherry-picking texts, cutting and pasting them into a Word document, then quite literally cutting and gluing printed pages into a beautiful red leather journal. It turned out all those hours were worth it. Her labor of love was a home run. To this day, Jennifer remembers the look on her guy’s face when she proudly presented him with her homemade gift – a memory she’ll carry with her forever.

Texting has crushed past forms of communication: letters, long phone calls, even e-mails. Texting and social media are what we have now, and texting is now out-pacing social media. The fact that struck Jennifer was that there was simply no satisfactory way to single out and hold onto the texts that resonate for us. Whether for comfort, a good laugh, a quick pep-me-up, or just because.

Keepster was launched as a desktop app to save, search and organize text messages, and print the special ones into books. As part of Jennifer’s commitment to sustainability, she supports reforestation and has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every Keepster book ordered. I applaud Jennifer for her wonderful creative gift idea for her boyfriend, and her efforts in making the same available to others. All the best to you going forward.

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