House Fire Controlled Burn Safety Training

House Fire Controlled Burn Safety Training

Video creator: Dr. Terry Kibiloski,

Click here to see this house before the burn. This post includes over 60 photos, detailed information (“At least 30 features you will LOVE about this house”) and room dimensions.

This article provides additional information for a fire safety video. When recurring dangerous flash flooding forced us to leave our beautiful home and the decision was made to have local area fire departments use a controlled burn to return the property to green space, we decided to make a training video of this emotional event for fire chiefs, veteran firefighters, probies, and parents. We envision fire chiefs and veteran firefighters using this video to share their firefighting experience, probies using this video to help them understand the nature and intensity of fire, and parents using this video to teach their children the reason for fire safety, smoke alarms, and fire drills.

Property location: 3907 Briar Ridge Road La Grange KY 40031.

We have posted a 53-minute video of the full controlled burn on YouTube at

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