Big Nita’s Cheesecakes in Louisville KY is a victim of social media hackers

Big Nita’s Cheesecakes in Louisville KY is a victim of social media hackers

Article by Dr. Terry Kibiloski

Because of callous social media hackers, Nicole Burks is desperately trying to save her Louisville KY business. After launching and successfully operating Big Nita’s Cheesecakes around two years ago, Burks is facing losing her business due to hackers breaking into her social media accounts and her business page to send out messages to her customers asking for money. DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE SCAM MESSAGES. Also, immediately change your favorites link for Big Nita’s Cheesecakes to the following:, which is her new OFFICIAL social media page. To understand the emotional pain that Nicole is feeling about her customers being scammed, please watch her video at

To gain access to Burks’ social media accounts and her business page, hackers gained control of a friend’s account and then sent a message from that account to Burks asking her to send a code from her email. Believing that this was her friend making the request, Burks replied. The hackers then used that code to change all of Burks’ passwords to gain control of and locking Burks out of her accounts.

To help prevent situations like this, it is important to enable two-factor authentication on your Facebook account. To find out more about how to do this, please visit: where you will find an official Facebook article titled What is two-factor authentication and how does it work on Facebook? Also, we suggest you read the following two articles:

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NOTE: We have intentionally provided the actual URLs in this article so you are certain to go to Burks new Facebook page and video, and also to the three recommended articles.


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