Uproar PR Product Showcase

Uproar PR Product Showcase

Article by Angie Kibiloski

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I wrapped up my official CES 2024 coverage a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to circle back to highlight an independent event that happened just before the convention began, on the afternoon prior to CES Unveiled. Many PR companies choose to exhibit some of their clients in a more private setting than the show floors or large Press parties, in comfortable hotel suites around Las Vegas, often exclusively for members of the Press. Uproar PR did this with 8 of their surprisingly diverse clients, and I’d like to talk about 5 that I thought really shined. This will be a brief look at each product, and I’ll definitely be fully reviewing several, so come back for more in-depth coverage in the coming weeks and months.

Talk to the Jaw

Oclean X Ultra S Digital Toothbrush with 3 brush heads, charging base, and carrying case.I think by now everyone has heard of bone conductive audio, even if they haven’t experienced it themselves. It’s most often referring to headphones that rest outside of your ears, and transmit sound through your jaw or temple instead of your eardrum. Oclean uses this same technology in their new Oclean X Ultra S Wi-Fi Digital Toothbrush, which isn’t just a quality electric toothbrush, but a tool to track the thoroughness of your brushing through a companion app, and give you audible tips to improve as you go. It’s also nicely affordable at only $129.99.

The Oclean X Ultra S, at its most basic, is indeed a great electric brush. It has a quiet yet powerful motor, delivering 84K movements per minute, 3 types of brush heads to suit your individual needs, 4.5 hours of usage per full charge, and is lightweight enough to easily carry around in its sleek travel case. Beyond that, the on-board touch screen and Oclean Care+ app allow you to choose brushing modes for different times of day or dental care issues, monitor brushing activity and brushing quality reports, and get real-time reminders and advice from the AI voice assistant. This last feature is when it talks to you from inside your mouth, right through your teeth and jaw. Since no one can hear this voice but you, it’s a slightly trippy experience, but pretty cool at the same time.

The X Ultra S lets you see if you’ve missed areas while navigating the pressure-sensitive brush head around your mouth, gently reminds you not to brush too hard if you’re applying too much pressure, and more. In the app, you’ll not only be able to see the results of your current session, but track how you’ve progressed in your routine over a duration. If that’s not enough, it’ll also tell you the day’s weather forecast! I’m not entirely sure I need my toothbrush to tell me that, but it’s a quirky addition. I have an Oclean X Ultra S sitting here, so I’ll be bringing you more details very soon, after I’ve tested this helpful little tool out for myself.

Vision Unimpaired

eSight Go vision enhancing glass for the vision impaired.From oral care to eye care, eSight released their newest addition to their assisted sight technology with the eSight GO. eSight‘s entire lineup is designed to help people who suffer from a variety of vision impairments involving central vision loss, like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and Stargardt disease. Using both hardware and software inside the headsets, they magnify, enhance, and binocularly project wide-angle images onto the internal screens, providing near 20/20 vision to those who may otherwise be considered legally blind.

The eSight Go has several improvements over its predecessors that make it not only more technologically advanced, but also easier and more comfortable to wear. Image clarity has been improved upon, with 12 MP resolution and 4K capability projected onto its dual HD OLED screens, along with superior image stabilization, imperative for smooth visuals at an extreme zoom level. It also allows a user to adjust not only the level of zoom, but their preferred color and contrast settings as well. Lighter-weight and with a trimmer form factor than previous models, the eSight Go is wearable for hours without neck fatigue, and by providing a 45-degree field of view, and leaving space open at the sides and bottom of the frames, it incorporates a user’s natural peripheral vision to ensure they can navigate their surroundings safely while wearing the device. If you could benefit from a device like this, I encourage you to look further into the eSight Go, and join their waitlist to be updated on its 2024 release.

Social VR for Seniors

Screenshots of virtual living room and ping pong game inside Rendever Alcove VR experience.The 3rd company to support your health is Rendever, with their interactive, live VR experiences for seniors, both in care home facilities and those aging at home. Their RendeverLive and Alcove experiences provide places for seniors to socialize, communicate, and have fun. It’s important for both the mental and physical wellbeing of aging adults that they remain connected to community and continue engaging in gentle activities, and Rendever strives to provide an accessible avenue for both.

RendeverLive provides real-time daily activities for seniors in group home settings, which may not otherwise be viable options depending on staffing, funding, or logistical limits. These include traveling the world via virtual tours, attending live musical performances, joining book clubs, playing trivia games, and more. These programming options are also offered to seniors living at home through a limited beta program. Alcove, which Rendever recently acquired from AARP, and is available to anyone with a Quest VR headset, is a virtual living space for families to gather together in a comfortable metaverse. Sit on the virtual sofa and watch movies or family slideshows together, travel the world, go on a bike ride through the woods, play fun and relaxing games with your customizable avatars, and more. I’ll provide more details on both RendeverLive and Alcove when I get a closer look inside my own Quest.

Can You Understand Me?

Vasco Translator E1 earbuds inside their open charging case.Kannst du mich verstehen? Pouvez-vous me comprendre maintenant? ¿Qué te parece ahora? If I said any of those phrases to you in person, would you understand me? You could use Google to translate them, as I stood around and waited for your equally Google-translated reply, or you could get a set of Vasco Translator E1 earbuds, and have a real-time audio translation in your ears, as well as a real-time audio response spoken through your phone (or my set of E1 earbuds) in return. These earbuds are a perfect addition to Vasco‘s existing translators, which relied on a proprietary handheld screened device, and remove the need for a device or app at all.

The E1 earbuds can be used with Vasco‘s V4 translator device, or their Vasco Connect app for Android or iOS, but they can also be used as stand-alone devices, either paired or used individually by 2 people. The built-in translation software will debut with 49 languages, which is more than other currently available translation earbuds. They have a lot of situational functionality and versatility, like sharing a pair of earbuds to chat with a friend visiting from abroad, using them paired with the app when ordering a meal in a foreign restaurant, or pairing up to 10 earbuds with a single phone app for multi-national business meetings. Each earbud can be set to a different language, and when someone speaks, either through the microphone of their earbud, or the mic on the connected phone, the E1 will immediately translate into every separately chosen language without lag time. The Vasco Translator E1 earbuds aren’t quite out yet, but I will be fully reviewing them when they release.

Audio That’s Pretty and Protected

Array of 3 colorful Altec Lansing Hydra 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers.Everyday life can be tough on a Bluetooth speaker, especially if you enjoy taking it on-the-go with you, or even just out in the back yard. Altec Lansing eliminates the worry over damaging your mobile music delivery device with its “Everythingproof” collection of Hydra 2.0 speakers. This upcoming line of 9 new models adds improvements to their original Hydra line currently on the market. These include the Hydra Trek, Hydra Mini 2.0, Hydra Wave, and Hydra Boom 2.0. They’re all drop, dust, sand, and moisture resistant, and will even float on water for protection against any bath time accidents or energetic pool parties.

Not only can these speakers stand up to hazards both environmental and human-induced, they’re also stylish, with a new palette of attractive color combos, a freshly redesigned Altec Lansing logo, and a smooth satin feel. They also have a variety of options for carrying and holding them in place, like magnets, carabiners, bike mounts, bungees, and pedestal stands. The Hydra 2.0 series has all the quality audio components inside that you can rely on Altec Lansing to deliver, as well as added Qi wireless charging and the ability to sync an insane number of speakers in Party Sync mode. This new line won’t be out for another few months, but I’ll be getting one in to test out how “Everythingproof” it really is.

Ready for Roaring Reviews

That just about does it for this look at 5 impressive products from the Uproar PR Product Showcase during CES week. As mentioned, I’ll be writing full reviews on several of these products, a couple in the very near future. If you’d like more info about them in the meantime, beyond the brief summaries above, I encourage you to follow the links to their respective websites. Otherwise, swing back by here for my detailed reviews.

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