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January 2021

BlendJet 2

Review by Angie Kibiloski

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The BlendJet 2 is a cute little personal-sized blender, perfect for making single-serve smoothies, which I recently featured in one of my CES 2021 articles, covering the Techfluence Press Event.  I’ve now had a chance to use one for myself, and over the last few days have tried out a variety of smoothie ingredients in it, to see how it performs.  I have to say, it’s better with some than others, but for the most part, I’m really happy with this product, and would definitely recommend it.  I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it already, and it’s primed to become my favorite breakfast-making tool.

The BlendJet 2 is a very compact device, at only 9″ x 3″ and weighing just 1.34 lbs.  The cannister can hold up to 16 ounces, and has measurement marks on the side for convenient portioning.  The base and lid screw onto the cannister, and the blades are affixed to the base and not removable.  The base has little rubber feet on the bottom, to keep your device stable during blending, and a water-resistant USB-C port at the front for charging.  The battery takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge, and will last for at least 15 blend cycles.  The lid has a flexible silicon strap, to use as a convenient handle when you take the device on-the-go.  The offset 6-point stainless-steel blades create a tornado effect inside the cannister, quickly drawing everything down and around the blades at 275 spins per second, for a super fast blitzing of all your smoothie components.  After loading the cannister with your ingredients, you can choose to either totally liquify everything with a 20 second blend cycle, or get a slightly chunkier result with the pulse function.  If you want to take the blender with you, and wait to create your smoothie later, you can lock the device so you don’t accidentally turn it on by hitting the button.  The blades will also auto-lock if the cannister is not fully screwed in place, which is a great safety feature.  All 3 modes (blend, pulse, and lock) are controlled through the single button, making it very easy to operate.  Clean up is a breeze, because the BlendJet 2 will clean itself.  Just fill it with water, add a drop of dish soap, screw the lid on tight, and run a blend cycle.  Rinse out the soapy water, and you’ve got a clean device.  It’s also fairly quiet, about half as loud as a normal blender, which is a nice bonus first thing in the morning.

I tested out all of the modes several times, and I have to say I’m fairly impressed.  I was completely happy with the blend mode, getting a nice, even consistency every time, and a luxuriously frothy texture with the milkier smoothies.  Among the smoothie ingredients that worked well were apple slices, banana, avocado, frozen strawberries, and peanut butter, as well as their own freeze-dried JetPack smoothie mixes, with water, juice, or almond milk as the liquid components.  The pulse mode worked well for making chunkier smoothies, but not so well without liquid to help the ingredients cycle around the blades.  In one demo video on their site, it shows tomatoes being chopped up on their own, likely for salsa, but when I put tomato slices in, it shredded the bottom half and the top half got stuck.  Same with carrot slices, and one of those actually stopped the blades.  As long as you use the pulse mode for smoothies and don’t try to use it as a food processor, it works great.  The self-cleaning feature worked like a charm.  They recommend doing this immediately after making a smoothie, and I got a spotless clean that way, but I also wanted to see how it would perform for people who are less than diligent with their cleaning routine, or who have taken it with them in the car and can’t wash it for hours.  I let the remnants of a banana, peanut butter, and almond milk smoothie sit for 2 hours, then tried the self-cleaning blend cycle.  For the most part, it still got all the remains of my smoothie out, aside from a couple flecks of peanut butter on the sides of the cannister, and a faint smell of peanut butter.  It was easy enough to unscrew the 3 parts and wipe them with a dish towel, though, which also let me carefully test the blade locking feature.  I was nervous to press the button with the blades exposed, but it did indeed lock, so I could safely wipe them too without worry.

BlendJet 2 JetPack Banana Blueberry  BlendJet 2 JetPack Raspberry Dragon Fruit  BlendJet 2 JetPack Mango Matcha

I also got to try several of their JetPack Ready-To-Blend Smoothies, which I referred to earlier, sold on their site for $3.99 each.  These pouches have all the ingredients you’ll need for a delicious smoothie, aside from the liquid of your choice.  Most seem to have a base of banana powder and oat bran, with a variety of freeze dried fruits, powders, and extracts.  The Banana Blueberry, Raspberry Dragon Fruit, and Mango Matcha were particularly nice, and I can’t wait to sample the rest.  They’re all vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, with no artificial flavors or preservatives.  Perfect for making an on-the-go smoothie, or when you don’t have fresh ingredients on hand.  When you want to craft your own smoothies from scratch, their site has a ton of delicious sounding recipes to give you inspiration.

I’ve had a full-sized blender for years, and I can count on my hands how many times I’ve actually used it.  One of the reasons is that it’s heavy, and cumbersome to get out, and the other is that it’s a nuisance to clean, having to take everything apart, try to fit the glass jar in my sink to wash, and try not to stab myself with the blades.  Since I opened my BlendJet 2, I’ve been wanting to make a smoothie for breakfast everyday, not just because it’s easy to wash up, but also because it’s quick, cute, and the perfect size for making a single portion.  Despite the very slight limitations with the pulse mode, I’m very happy with this product, and encourage you to check it out further on the BlendJet 2 website.  It comes in a variety of lovely colors, like Lavender, Mint, Lemon, or a vibrant candy apple Red, which is what I got for myself.  There are 16 colors in total, but they don’t seem to carry them all at the same time.  Read about all the features, watch the promo videos, and maybe order yourself one in your favorite color, for just $49.95 right now.

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